Lets Discuss Permanent Jail.

If anyone has ever played HL2DM RP or TSRP, you’ll get exactly what this is. Permanent jail is an alternative too the so called, “Great Ban/Jail Time System” in Perma Jail you remain in jail as the name states… Permanently. At least till you can get a lawyer or pay bail. So I’ve gotta ask, if Perma Jail was installed to something like… Dark RP? Would you think it would stop rdmers in terms of, “You fuck up, you really fuck up” or just make more shitty cops?


Half Life 2 Deathmatch RP? Wat.

I don’t think anything should be added to dark rp.

Why somehow jails instead of one swing of the hummer?

HL2DM has a lot of RP. Just like gmod, they use custom scripts to control it.

Ah, i thought it is the theme. Aka RP based around HL2DM.

Yes, i tried HL2Dm RP but never found anything serious or at least fun.
Tonns of jobs exists, from a gardener (On rp_c18, yeah!) to a porn star (That has Gman model).

Let’s not discuss Perma Jail and say we did

Because that’s just fucking retarded - They’d just get a buddy to come sweet talk their ass out. The whole system could be easily manipulated to the point where either everyone was in jail from random arrests, or that no-one would be in jail because of the probably now multi-millionaire ‘Lawyers’.

Economy would explode

You over think roleplay x 10

Oh man I have been Perma-Jailed in TSRP, shit wasn’t good when I came back to the server it was almost dead so I could never get out and that no one would ever help me if they were in there.

Fuck man that’s gotta blow. You should of tried contacting some of the admins if they were still alive.

People would randomly do this. A good alternative is like 5:00 ban, and can only be used by admin or something.

Eh didn’t really matter it was like the last year of TSRP before it just died, plus the server I usually played on Snakeh he stopped playing so as many of the friends with him and me.

If the server has good admins, you could always make it a while longer, depending on the offense.