Let's finally get a GOOD Iron Man model! (Got the model, need it in GMod)

So, aside from that abomination that was the Iron Man game PC port model we got ages ago, no one has really tried to 1-Up it.
Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration, might I suggest:



It’s a c4d model, could someone rig it all up for GMod?

Model Looks decent enough, but before asking, you might want to convert it first to some more common format (like obj or 3ds)

Was considering converting it, since I try to work exclusively in obj’s, but the program I have can’t do it, so I just provided the download link.

Yeah…That’s the problem with platform specific files. You have to run that exact software in order to open and modify a mesh.

Maybe you’ll find somebody that uses C4D and will be willing to port it, but offering that model in 3ds or obj would greatly increase your chances for that to happen.