"Let's get rid of these pretty boys Chuck!" Two mutated bandits shooting up a lobby.

Since everyone is giving me “shit angle” I present to you an alternative.

The posing, lighting, and camera could use some work.

I find it funny how people rate me dumb because I didn’t put filter in it.

Have another dumb so it gets funnier.

Maybe it’s because the camera angle is fucking terrible.

No man, people rated this dumb because it pretty much is.

Basically, the camera angle as stated is awful. The posing is terrible, possibly if they were killing people they’d be more alert, and holding their weaponry upward?

You don’t need fancy shmancy editing effects and shit to please people.

no effort in posing, angle or lighting. or even location

Then tell me how to improve instead of bashing it please.

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You don’t even know how much I put into posing shitty ragdolls.
I did an alternative angle and I’ll edit in in gimp.

No it was rated dumb because it was terrible. Bad posing and terribly bad angle. I would have go the C&C way but you obviously don’t like it when people tell you what’s wrong.
Work on your posing instead of editing.

Hahahahaha, haha, haaaahaaahahaha, ha, HAHAHA, ha.

You honestly think the ragdolls or shitty? or is it a horrible excuse for your horrible posing, downright shit angle, and odd choice of map?

Here, i’ll do a pose with those 2 ragdolls, lets see how “shitty” they are.

Im gonna rate you dumb because you didnt put a filter in it.

yeh me 2

I politely asked Chesty what exactly was wrong and he didn’t reply, no one told me either. I suggest you read the thread next time you try and tell someone off.


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I was talking about how it took me 10 minutes trying to get their hands too look like this

, you try it with the model

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Lemme show you what I mean, this is my non rushed pose.

Should’ve use different ragdolls then? Either way it would have sucked anyways with that camera angle, plus the idea is just stupid.

The idea of two bandits shooting up a lobby is stupid? Hmmmm


You need to use the camera tool, hold right click, and move mouse forward to zoom


Thats yer problem right thure

You ah…know the hunters finger posing can EASILY hold a gun right?

You gotta use c and play arround with it so it looks good.

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Besides, your comparing a custom GMOD made model to 2 infected models from L4D1 and 2, its probably gonna differ in finger posing.

(l4d2 one was hexed from a replacement for the l4d2 hunter)

Thanks, will try this next time.

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Hey for the last time you should really read the thread.

Two infected, “mutated” bandits who are sloppily and lazily posed in a ugly lobby with very little actual shooting, is.

Also, quit telling people that you don’t like because they’re being harsh to leave your thread is a shitty thing to do.
If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the damn fire, and stop playing with fucking matches.

It’s still a pretty lazy angle, it only makes the faults in the poses ever more apparent.

Also, the non-rushed pose is slightly better, but the angle is still shit, and the guy on the left; his stance is far off.