let's get rid of Unity

and use this for Rust. Just look at that forest!

yep sure let’s just scrap the engine of a video game (the entire backbone of it) and just switch to an engine that isn’t even publically released

that’ll work

I’m pretty sure this would be the equivalent of putting my laptop into a furnace.

Snowdrop isn’t even commercially available to indie game companies. Unity is fine. here’s an example of what it’s capable of:


“This just in, the government has developed a nuclear warhead, the size of a-- oh wait… excuse me, MADE OF a laptop!”

Someone doesn’t realize that you can’t just copy and past a game from one engine into another and expect it to work perfectly fine with a few minor tweaks.

If you scrap a game engine, then you scrap the game you’re working on as well and thus, have to start all over again.

Yes… FacePunch… Do that, the OP’s idea is brilliant. :suicide:

Edited: (Guess some didn’t pick up on the sarcasm)

Or, how about we don’t get rid of Unity :slight_smile:

It’d be more like removing all the internal organs of a man then replacing them with the goat/cow/dog equivalents. Yeah sure you can find some similarities but it would take waaaaay too much effort to get them to fit, even then there isn’t any guarantee that the pieces would be completely compatible.

Besides using it as a new engine and scrapping the game, the Snowdrop engine is amazing yes, but this is a brand new engine and is most likely not that optimized. Rust is laggy for people enough now, and with this engine things would go downhill.

well, i noticed my fps dropping by as much as 40-50 when I just hit a mineral with a pickaxe, so chances are this engine/ the current game code written on it arent optimized too well either…

as for OPs topic, I agree, first time I played the game I was like: oh god, please re-release this on cryengine, imagine the same fun gameplay but with beautiful graphics.

I’ve never heard of anyone else having that issue, and I certainly have never experienced it. You might want to check your config, or do a better job of maintaining your system.

Just wanted to throw in that I can see several similarities between that “The Forest” game and Rust.

Facepunch had best make some headway before the competition corners the genre market.

Just sayin’…

You have to realize if they switch to a new engine they have to start optimizing the game again. Unity would run better on most pcs than snowdrop, you can tell by the way it looks. I also get low frames but its only when lots of buildings load in at once, I have a beefy pc so I know it’s not it. (AMD r9 280x, 8 GB Ram and AMD FX Bulldozer 8120)

Also, we should note, the game itself (not simply the engine) is not optimized yet. When it is, a lot of the lagging and stuttering will go away. Plus, we already have too many demands of the devs – why add such a huge meal to that plate?

The Forest is single-player.

Rust is multiplayer and the devs envision player-run towns and player-run economies. It’s got plenty of room left to define its own genre.

^^^ Beat me to it, snipped quote.

Similar at first glance but the Forest is single player. Very different experience fending off AI tribesman than naked cavemen with (barely) human intelligence.

the day these technologies come to life i ll be an old man with no desires
y i was born in 1990,y???!!!:suicide::suicide::suicide:

Are you guys retarded? 95% of the time the graphics of a game doesn’t depend on the engine but the devs it self. If you have ever worked on or used an engine you would know there is nothing in there but what you bring in. The frostbite engine could have minecraft graphics if that’s what the devs wanted, Most of the time the engines lighting system is the only “graphics” that the engine will contribute to, the rest is purely the models and textures created by the devs. If you dont believe me check out these videos which use the exact same engine as rust does.

Yeah, the problem with Rust visually is most of the textures and models are pulled directly from the stock Unity library. Placeholder quality at best.

Also its unoptimised as hell, they use detailed lighting for crazy distances (I know in real life you would be able to see a campfire for miles, but there’s a reason games don’t normally do that), there doesn’t seem to be any LoDs except for buildings and trees…

List goes on, but it winds up with a visually very plain game that is somehow harder to run than much better looking games (example, my brother’s PC is pretty low end, he gets about 30 FPS in BF4 which is playable, meanwhile Rust limps along barely topping 20 FPS).

But hey, the gameplay is unique and entertaining and the visuals and optimisation can only get better.

Although that might take a while, allegedly 10% complete more than a year on from first release…

This is partly true but also partly false, some engines have more advanced features than others unless you want to write your own addons but that could take years, many of the bigger engines are starting to catch up with each others most advanced features now, but they all have their pros and cons, sure you could force and engine to do something it was not intended to do but at the cost of performance, don’t expect more than 5-10 fps on a regular high end gaming pc unless the engine have good hardware acceleration for it.