lets get the fuck out of here!

old versions

tried to make something less random

I like the second more, but it could use some more depth (not as much as the first one, went a bit overkill on that one in my opinion).

Ellis’s pose is a little crazy, but it is good. I love the lights on the 2nd pic.

Well, being a civilian he probably wouldn’t have owned any kind of firearm before the infection, and even if he had, he wouldn’t be trained in its use. That is unless he went to some firing range.

Yeah, that excuse doesn’t work any more. Word of advice, don’t even try to use stuff like that to justify weak posing.

The fact of the matter is, the pose is lacking and looks lazy and could easily be touched up to look much more convincing.

None of this “he doesn’t know how to use a firearm because he’s a civilian” bullshit.

Firing stand or not, that doesn’t explain why the sky is purple. Posing is not that bad an composition is nice. A bit generic tough.

bam final version

Except he’s a redneck.
I don’t know ONE redneck that has not fired a gun. Even subtle rednecks fire guns every week at the very least.
As for the picture Nick lacks finger posing.
And the poses are a bit exaggerated for my taste