"LET'S GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!" 2 rebels make a quick escape


I was working on my new machinima, filming it in Nova Prospekt and suddenly the kitchen explodes, so I descided to make a pose.

Lots of wasted space and the fella on the left looks a bit stiff. Dude on the right is good though.


Some depth-of-field might have covered up the crappy fire a little.

Did you edit it? The idea has loads of potential but the pose needs a bit of fixing.

Nah, I’m not into editing. (mainly because I suck at it :P) But I’ll load my save and fix a few things.


Added some props’n’stuff and some DOF to OP

Looks nice and clean.

Needs more Fazoom.
Not hectic enough.
Add more random explosions,more debris,more corpses and more Fire.

Try to avoid using simple DoF,
Super DoF is better.

I see the picture has been updated. Now my post looks silly.

I used Super DoF…


Sorry, :stuck_out_tongue: