"Let's get the hell outta here!" Soldiers evacuating

After atleast 1h30 of frustration, I did this. Seriously, this pose was the most frustrating thing I have ever done…


C&C is extremely welcome

this is a comment in your thread. i also rated you.

The interior to that helicopter bothers me. The posing of the back-right soldier seems a little weird. The muzzle-flash looks weird as well.

Other than that the picture looks pretty good.

I hate it when i drop guns…

Anyway, i like how you keep the old style of none edited pictures, good work.

Nice pose!

I like this, is there a version without the muzzle flash for editing?

This is strange, I thought I posted something in here…anyway here is what I thought I posted:

What is the ent_fire command to get the physgun to ignore objects? I used to know and now it escapes me. It was posted recently in another thread but search is disabled so I can’t look like I usually would.

Anyway that command would probably have helped a bit here with keeping the gun in place.

You can also weld the gun to another prop and have the prop like, 20 feet away from the gun. Freeze the other prop and whiz-blammo, no more dropped guns ever.

There’s a STool which does that on garrysmod.org.

Nice, thanks!

I like that it manages to look good without any edits as stated earlier.

If you download RagMorph, there’s a tool that comes with it that makes it ignore player collision and physgun interaction, it’s immensely useful and I use it alot.

Where did you get those helmets

I got them in a MW2 Gear pack. If you do some searching in the Model release section, you should find it.

I was thinking about barney from half life 1 when I read the title.