Let's Go Hunting/Fresh Server/Bounties/Limited C4/ No Explosives/Limited Air Drops/No Griefing/Admin Events/Active Admins/Starter Packs

Let’s Go Hunting server. net.connect

New Server. 3 Admins. We all have 100+ hours into the game. Looking for mature Rust players. We will play the game the correct way and we won’t use our abilities as admins against you. (this is why we bought our own server because we had this issue ourselves) Just want a nice competitive (friendly) game. And people that understand PvP is part of the game but shouldn’t be a reason to be a douchebag.

We are going to do Admin Events, Starter Packs, Random Giveaways, Limited C4, and Air Drops. Also going to have alliances/clans. And a safe area for trading equipment, resources, and blue prints.

How is C4 limited? are there rare military drops? is c4 craftable, are explosives craftable

Can only get in Air Drops. Air Drops are sent by admin command based on number of players online. To keep it fair for all players so that it doesn’t drop while 1 or 2 people are on until the player base grows. We have about 15-20 players on the server now. Been doing events the past couple of days.