"Let's hunt a deer!"


“You may take off the mask here. This town is clean.”
“Hey, I found a playdude in this car!”


“I missed a deer.”
“Where did it go?”
“Right over there.”
“You and Joe, after it. We’ll go though the first floor.”


“The deer must jumped to the second floor.”
“I read from a book that deer has wings so it can fly, jump high.”
“It doesn’t have wings. I was it when I looked though the scope.”


“Hey, hey, fellas! Dat’s our deer! Now get the hell out of here!”

Fucking A, man.

Oh don’t worry. Those geckos will be back. With weapons.

Deers in the city!

Dos deer and geckos got into the room with the doors closed!

-Sorry, bad angle with the whole no scrolling thing-

I like the poses and effects, and the setting as well. But I have a question:
Why the fuck are they in hazmat suits hunting for deer inside a city?
Post-apocalyptic world?


One man’s mission for venison…

Indeed. You can guess it by those Geckos.