"Let's kill some fuckers together"

:>Well, here’s some video.

:}Made by some closet homosexual.

:>Quiet, Leo. You don’t know shit.

:}I know you wanted to make something artistic, but since you’re some pathetic hipster you basically just rip off stupid shit like Rubberfruit and R33MIX and try adding a plot, which oh so sadly falls apart and leads to the cancelling of this stupid fucking show. This isn’t artistic, this isn’t intelligent, this is just “lel randumb.” You’re a try-hard. How do I know this? You put Ave Maria in the video. You’re shoving your “artistic” stuff down our throats. This isn’t anything close to good. Or even decent. You’ll never get anywhere in life, you pathetic little twat.

:>Well at least the animation is nice.

:}At the end maybe at best. You know there’s megathreads or something for stuff like this, right?

:>Erm… that probably wouldn’t get as much as attention

:}Oh, so you’re a desperate, insane, bitch.

(There, I saved you the trouble of commenting.)

Why are you talking to yourself?

what’s with the number at the lower right corner of the screen

OP right now:

well the stop motion is almost okay, but your posing is very sloppy and i honestly have no idea what is meant to be happening.

plus, you’re using models that don’t fit very well together - you’ve got cel-shaded dudes from Borderlands, more realistic models, one of those horrible anime models that was presumably textured by a gibbon, low-poly models, it all just makes absolutely no sense at all from an art perspective. you need to be more consistent when you’re choosing which models to use. also, don’t use NPC’s, it’s lazy. just take the time to pose them properly.

:>Thank’s for the advice, I’m working on some… stuff… and… yeah.

:}No he’s not.

i don’t want to be rude but you’ll probably want to stop talking to yourself, it’s not going to win you any friends here

:>}That’s a good thing.

what exactly do you mean

It lacked sound and atmosphere. The stop motion is almost decent, but the mixture of models and styles is ugly.

I don’t understand the whole bi-polar two personality talking to yourself stuff, what exactly are you trying to achieve there?

Goddamnit this sub forum has gone to shit last time I was here.

Good movie, nice editing and composition.

i think you mean dead

Ave Maria? Interesting song choice…

He’s trying to achieve sounding like one of those autistic kids that tries to act cool and original and random.

:}Correct! Now you have my permission to commit an act of murder.

why are you typing like that

:>I’ll leave that to the hilarity that is the mind.

jesus christ guys watch out, don’t cut yourself on his edges

please stop that

so like, is this guy an anime character or something

Alright, babe. I had my fun.