"Let's kill this BLU rats."



What the Fuck!

Bald Engie!!!

By the way there is a typo in the thread title.

“Let’s kill this Blu Rat”
Not rats.

Should it be “these BLU rats”?

Whatever, nice picture.

FFFFFFF- ninja’d.

Punctuation :teacher:. It is often crucial:

“A woman: without her, man is nothing”
“A woman, without her man, is nothing”?

big difference.

same here, is it:
“Let’s kill this BLU, rats”, meaning the talker playfully calls his friends rats,
“Let’s kill this BLU rat” or “Let’s kill these BLU rats”, meaning he’s calling the BLUs rats, not so playfully.

On the actual picture, though. Good posing, idea, and all the other essentials.

The hatless (I figured he’s bald anyways, no hair really would fit under that helmet, and he just looks of that age and “style” as a character) engie is BADASS! Especially holding the shotgun like that.

Good faceposing on the scout, also.

Kudos for using, but still not overdoing, the DoF. Many would have also blurred the spy, who is something of a focus point in this picture.

EDIT: why does correcting mistakes get you "dumb"s and "bad reading"s? Stupid…

Do they know that the soldier is a spy? No.
So it’s rats not rat because they don’t want to kill just one guy.

This or these…ah then these BLU rats I don’t know.

It’s awesome.

nice. Not to sound rude, but can someone link me the thread with the tf2 ragdolls without hats


you mean like skins like uber? because I can find it in gmod. Is it an addon?

Errrr the scouts a spy!