Let's kill those, freakish, putrid freaks! (No, not The Jonas Brothers, but zombies!)

NOTE: I saw that the server was down, there was a typo in the command line changer, it is up now.

Hello, I’m Vinze, you might remember me from such servers as “The Ravens - Closed Beta”, or “The Ravens - The Second Closed Beta”, or “The Ravens - The Third Closed Beta”, but as I figured I’ll never get anywhere by rushing a server, while I develop the last and final release of our roleplaying community, I figured, “What should be on there meanwhile?”, so I decided to add zombie survival, since it would make sense to make use of the server, right?

Gamemode: ReDead
Map: Varies, but, we got a small selection, we got rid of the crappy ReDead maps.

But, we also tweaked things abit:

  • Regular zombies are weaker, but also deals more damage, and there’s more of them.

  • Headshots are now following the official zombie rule: You shoot them in the head, they die.

  • Special infected rewards more points.

  • Zombies now spawn in waves.

  • Less humans. (Left 5 Dead :v:)

  • All classes have the knife (No classwhoring for you!)

  • Rounds lasts alot longer.

  • Everyone moves abit slower, this is so that the horde has a fair chance to catch up with you.

  • Stamina lasts twice as long, but also takes longer to restore.

  • Isotopes are renamed to “Epicism”, because the more epic you are, the more badass you are, and we all know that the size of a protagonist’s weapons, relies on his/her rate of badassery.

  • Zombies drops more loot.

  • Revamped classes:

  • Spawns with Kalashnikov.

  • Moves a hell of alot slower. (It’s even balanced now)

  • Only 5 inventory slots.

  • Higher health.

  • Now has TNT (We had to give this class something due to how weak it suddenly got)


  • Still spawns with a sidearm.
  • Also spawns with a knife (No more getting clusterfucked when out of ammo!)
  • Still has medkit.


  • Spawns with a sniper rifle (It will be changed when I have time though, I thought they meant the remington shotgun. :doh:)
  • No longer has the TNT (We gave it to the militant.)
  • Still builds shit as always.


  • Now has a shotgun (I’ve realised, since the onslaught lasts longer, they need a boost at the start.)
  • Still hands out ammo.

We may change things in the future depending on how things works out. So far, so good, but then again, we’ve only been enough people to fill up the human team, hopefully things will work as well with several players.

And grantedly, if you don’t get on the team as a human, you get on the team as a zombie.

Password: Zombiemao (The mao is added so it’s not too obvious, and the reason we got a password is so that no random minges join. Only pre-designated minges reading this.)

Here’s a link to the content (7 MB), and maps:
http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=35307 < Content
http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=45677 < Maps

And again: We can assure you this is not The Jonas Brothers, since there’s a huuuuge difference:

[sp]Zombies are associated with brains.[/sp][/release]

NOTE: I saw that the server was down, there was a typo in the command line changer, it is up now.

Looks pretty cool, I’ll join now.

Holy shit, a reason to actually play Gmod?

That’s what I was going for. I’ll might add a small amount of content later to improve it. Like a chainsaw, or a dubble-barreled shotgun. A few of the clichés :v:.

Wow a re-dead server?
Ran by “captain” vince?

Also, why have you not posted this on the ravens website?

[sp]Also, lets kill the other freakish, putrid freaks as well, yes this time its the jonas brothers![/sp]

Thank ye kindly for those dumb ratings. :3:

I don’t like it when people tell me what to do, but sure.

The title made me laugh, it’s catchy! Although I still would’ve played if it was the Jonas Brothers, I just would’ve requested a chain saw swep and gore mod.

Btw I will definitely play this, but does it have any custom addons on it like PHX or Wiremod or anything, because if so I won’t play.

Nahh, the total resource file is 7MB, 42 with the maps.

Only custom content we’ll add is some more fitting music, right now it uses HL2 soundtracks, but, we’d like something abit more fitting, like ambinent horror music, we might also add a SWEP model or so, but it won’t be more than an additional 20 MB, tops.

Im not telling you what to do im…Uh…Yeah i guess i was telling you what to do.

I will get on whenever i got some spare time, which, even now, when i got a vacation, i do not exactly have too much of.

Please provide information on how to install the files propperly, Yes everyone with a propper brain knows that its common sense but for me, Its not.

Put it all in your garrysmod/garrysmod folder.
If you want to remove it later, well good luck with that.

Don’t worry, I made a thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=967637