Let's make a Great Server !

Hi guys,

I wanted to create a new server in Gmod but I need your help. I’m not here to advertise it or anything, just to ask for help.

I want to make a serve but I don’t really know what kind of gamemode I should use (and maybe modify). The point is of course to have fun in the game so I’m looking for a gamemode many people will enjoy.

Now how to pay for the server ? I don’t really enjoy VIPs because it limits gameplay to who’s got the most IRL money. So I thought about Ads, but everyone hates Ads. That’s when I thought, maybe non intrusive ads. For that we need a mod.

The mod would be similar to the Cinema mod but instead of playing videos maybe it could play ads (in silent mode of course). Then we could implement a system of “area of effect” where if a player is in this zone it counts as a view or something. I’m still not sure how it could work so that’s why I’m launching this thread. I’m hoping it’ll attract better ideas and skills to make it a real thing.

Thanks for reading,