Lets make a Rust map !

Hello, i got an idea to make a map of the game so that we could have an better idea of how it looks. we cannot do a screenshot from birdview so it tould be the best to make screenshots of places then draw a map from that. what do you think ?

They already have been, over on the Rust chat

thanks for that ! how did they do that ?

Read a couple of pages back. I can’t link to them all.

Would I be correct to say that the red boxes are Radiation fields?

I Can’t remember, I just knew they had tried making a map. Read a few pages back for more info.

No i dont think so cause i think those lines are roads and the sqaures i have no idea.

squares are probably radiation free zones

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we could update the map and add all that buildings that are default on the map

So I was reading that there is a radiation barrier, where is that?

probably the above the squares, to the north

I have done some work on this already, this is my first pass result.
(Right click for zoom options)
This only shows the bottom left most red square on the heightmap posted above, and buildings and radiation areas are subject to my memory.

It extremely W.I.P, feel free to help me out with annotations and whatever, it would also be good if your provided a good resolution screenshot to go with your notes.

I also intend to make toggleable layers with each kind of information (structures, resources etc.)

its good but i dont see where the huge mountain is and is a little bit confusing

i will try to do mine version of it

You cant see the mountain because I’ve only done a small portion of the terrain thus far.
Do you have any other suggestions to make it less confusing?

Some kind of height lines/gradient would be helpfull.
Also terrain indicators (slight green fill for forest?) would be a good addition.
Those ideas are more for the finding out where on the map you are.
As for use in finding thing whilst playing, maybe locations of the different kind of loot crates(only usable on a more detailed map though)

The red boxes are the approximate playable areas of the map (e.g. safe from the massive radiation wall)

Yep forestation is planned for a later revision, and possible some sort of height gradient, however that will be somewhat difficult

How comprehensive would you say your boxes are?

Before you ask, yes I hacked/cheated, but I do it for the good of all. :downs:

I can get close ups of any of the buildings/areas if anyone wants.

^ make a full map, NOW!!! :smiley:

Is it possible you could make a few screenshots from the same height looking straight down, that cover the entire playable map. Maybe like 4 or more that we can stitch together for a nice detailed map?

I’ll see what I can do, won’t be easy though.

Edit* I might make one later but right now I dont have the things pin pointed to be able to make a fly hack, I can only control my vertical height, not well either. Also the time of day is hard to get consistent for each screenshot. I’ll see if I can do some stuff to control the time/my position better. If I can i’ll make a real nice map.

Edit2* heres what i took anyways, got a headache, might try to do it again tonight