"Let's move on, Recon."


Things to take note of:

The random, bright white lines are sparks coming from an electrical power line. That was part of the map. And second, the guy on the far left with the m249 MKII is walking backwards.



god damnit ted i said no fucking throwing up blood on the wall

Fucking amazing, the posing is spot on man

Gasp, finally a relevant comment about the picture. Thank you because I was getting lonely. Lol.

Rubble in front is a little distracting, but I rated art.

where are the left guy going?

Love the random junk all around.

the pose is good, but the blood splatter is not very good, mostly because an entry wound doesnt have a splatter.


He’s saying “Fuck this!”

walking backwards

Posing is fantastic. Camera angle is quite dull though.

I agree. I blame my lack of creativity.

He spewed blood on the wall.

That’s what I thought.

yeah i know cause i’m not stupid

so why he’s walking backwards?

Covering the rear.

[quote=“Leon, post:2, topic:16138”]

god damnit ted i said no fucking throwing up blood on the wall[/QUO:

It’s nice but the posing on the left guy feels really off and the fact that one of them is aiming at the other guys back kinda ruins it… Combat 101, don’t point your gun at your friends!

He’s not. The angle of the picture makes it seem as if he’s pointing it at the guy, but in fact his Tavor-21 is pointing to the right of the guy.

EDIT: Care to elaborate why the posing seems off so I can improve in the future?

Doesn’t feel like his twisting his torso enough, so it looks like he’s holding the gun in the typical noob-pose way (not saying that your pose is).

Holding it in a noob way? I wasn’t aware holding your weapon at alert-rest was considered noobish.