Let's play a game... it's called "I MISS..."

Heyaa! Been watching some nostalgic rust videos and I’ve had so many laughs, yet it saddens my heart as soon as I stop remembering and start up rust to play again… just to see it dumbed down, less creative and the community on the modded side is truly dying. People are genuinly BORED with rust these days, and the main reason most people still play is because they either hope or bad habits. Or both…
Why does the Facepunch team even come up with ideas if they remove them another month later? Do they play the game? No. They’re purely experimenting with what they think vanilla should be.

I miss the half blocks. They made building so much more unique and creative. I could come up with new designs on the go, making every next base I built more effective.
I miss the half stairs. They made it possible to design both inside and outside the base. They made it possible for half floors, addin COMPLEXITY to the game.
I miss the cupboards not fucking everybody up, it added to raid difficulty. Now: However people build their base, people get ONE cupboard, and then tower up to the roof.
I miss the pumpjacks. They FINALLY made the game less grindy, and clan strategies became very efficient. Large bases, large compounds. Each unique and with a purpose.
I miss the mining quarries. Nobody use them any more.
I miss looking out on what I built and feeling proud with a sense of achievement.
I miss the snow biome, that also added SO MUCH to the game. Different parts of the map required different tactics to specialize in.
I miss the raid houses filled with beds making raids last longer.
I miss the large scale wars. I miss the massive pvp side of rust.
I miss creativity, uniqueness, variation in the cycles where anything could happen.
I miss the race of resource piling, enabling massive ammounts of rockets and c4 that WAS balanced with how big the bases got.
I miss the bolt bullet drop, that made that gun actually skillful. I miss HV bullets making difference.
I miss the PILLARS having a bloody use. The process of building a sturdy building. Being able to once more, build with creativity.

I’m not going to ask why this has happened. It’s simply Gary’s law. We are players of his game, so we should play his game he thinks.
Yes, we WAS playing it. Now the large populated modded clan war servers are virtually dead, only a handful has survived this.
All around people are trying to start up new servers, but nobody joins them. So people are going from server to server, never getting satisfied.
Instead, there are battlefield servers basically turning the game into a round of counter-strike requiring nothing but boring calculations and good aim and no team play.
No plans for the next wipe, no nothing.

I PLEAD: Please make us CHOOSE how we want to play the game! How hard is it to implement a true/false value to everything I’ve written so far?
I’ve been gaming for over two decades and nothing comes close to how much fun I’ve had in this game together with the community that grew out of it.
But right now, Rust only feels like a shadow of its former glory. Nothing feels fun anymore, because whatever change they bring in now, isn’t even CLOSE to what many of us enjoyed.
Why?!?! I can’t for the love of this game understand this! This is a SANDBOX survival, and on one end of the sandbox - large clans made pacts to survive together.
Downing bases for loot wasn’t even the objective, it was a matter of POWER and HONOR of the clan!

This game is getting dumbed down by each update - and I understand why. Because Facepunch is completely screws with the majority of their playerbase, the ones that doesn’t want to play on vanilla servers.
Nor official servers without admins/moderators to take care of the community. How can they abuse their artistic creation in a way like this? They should rename the name to GRIND INFINITY. Are we even allowed to have any spare time for our real life in this little game of yours, Gary?

I just cannot understand… I mean Gary is a fundamentally a modder himself, how can he not get this? He must be so drunk with power because this is sick! I guess he sees all this shit as some sort of success. “Money talks” or something.
The worst part is that there aren’t even any matching games to go on to - they’re not made by semi-indie devs. All games today lack creativity in the name of monetarian sacrifice.
Game production companies have pretty much bought up every good titles ever made and tranformed it into micro-transaction bullshit that doesn’t even contain what a full version game should.
I get that it’s and alpha… but not only that. It is the very definition of cultural murder and it’s not even because of money this time! It’s “just because”. No explanations. Just changes for the worse.
The only good thing made ever since they started doing the 2-week update is the perfomance optimizations, making the game more playable without crashes. And some entities like the shelves and what nots… that’s about it.
How fun can Rust possibly be when there’s nobody else playing anymore. Because that is what will happen by the time this game goes live. People will have been fed up with all the bullshit, re-evaluating their ammount of fun/played hour and just drop it.

I can’t be the only one feeling like this, can I?

To get ontopic again, I’ll pass on the ball to you. What do you miss?
I miss gaming being fun. If this is how it’s gonna be, I wish I never played rust because it has made every other game feel like shit. And now also rust.

I miss zombies and red bears ;/

Though I do not agree with you on everything you have posted, I did find this post to be a great topic for discussion based on the original premise of I miss. So I will add a few.

I miss Metal walls having a different damage threshold vs C4 than Stone. Even with the health update on Sheet Metal walls, 2 C4 still take them down, just like Stone.

I miss the attachments on my guns, the Flashlight, the Scope, the Laser sight and the Holo Sight.

I miss having another gun to use for end game dominance besides the Ak-47 (specifically the M4)

I miss multiple building cabinets that secured bases to the point that even if you were raided, they only had control over the level they found the cabinet. Because anyone who was a capable builder would destroy and replace all cabinets starting with the highest floor going down.

I miss pillars being put into a base to increase it’s stability, and still being hidden in the walls so players could walk around their base without running into them.

I miss wanting to use a Pumpjack, now I think that removing Pumpjacks from the blueprint list is a good idea, but now it is just too much of a hassle to use in terms of benefit vs risk. I think that if the Pumpjacks continue to be in a neutral area, it should provide more oil per fuel than it currently does, to entice players to try and use it. Nobody wants to spend the time and effort for 2-4 people just to get a little fuel when they can run around and kill bears just as easily, and more quiet.

I miss being able to close a door without having to wait two seconds to do it. Every time I am running through my 40+ door base just to get to the 5th floor I cringe.

I MISS RADIATION. Nothing is worse than trying to get loot from rad towns, and getting shot by the guy with guns inside the rad town who has been there for over an hour. Add radiation back into the Rad towns, and it will be harder to get BPs and camp it again.

I think this game has changed in many ways that are good, and I think it will continue to change as Gary sees fit. That being said I feel like some of the changes that have been made hurt the game far more than it helped.

A lot of content has been removed from this game, but it is 1 or 2 updates from being great again. Just merge the best of that removed content with all the new stuff which don’t get we wrong is all good. I started playing the new “experimental” this time last year and the game has come on leaps and bounds, but just seems to have lost its way in the last 4-6 months.

I miss the snow biome, deployable pump jacks, radiation, biome specific resources.

I’m really hopeful vehicles will make it in soon and please let us build a jack again. I loved the idea of having a desert base for oil and a snow base for hqm/quarries and driving a caravan between the two.

I must agree with the OP, I love rust. But rust just seems to be getting as you said, dumbed down. They keep removing and changing things that gave us creativity. Garry said ages ago that he didn’t want to force players to play the game in a certain way. But lately he kind of has been doing that. By removing half blocks and stairs because they weren’t being used the way he wanted them to be used. Rust is still in my opinion the best game I’ve ever played, but rust was so much more fun and a far better game 6 months ago. They seem to take 2 steps forward and then 5 back.

I can’t even begin to express how much I hate the idea of a levelling system in rust, but I’ll give it a chance and see how they go about it.

I miss the time, when bears weren’t fully rapists
I miss radiation, too
I miss high towers

I’d have to disagree hacky, getting raped by a bear is glorious! On a serious note, they are finally something to be feared… BUT they shouldn’t run you down if you come into a certain radius of them… its nuts… I had 3 of them circling my base. Finally some PvE content!

Cupboards are fine, you just don’t know how to use them properly. Agree with half blocks tough because they helped to level uneven surfaces for larger bases, sad thing that they didn’t add half triangle.

I know well how to use them properly. I don’t have the issue. But as a raider, I now have the easiest time getting into 9/10 bases… Even well built bases can be fucked by outside cupboard houses… People still haven’t gotten used to the elevation challenge (because you can’t build on a hillside 9/10 times because of the problem where anyone can roof up on your base top… I miss that the cupboards also was higher up in the building, it’s so basic that it has to be on 1st / second floor in order to block… Also, this have resulted in people not going with hill bases anymore… so once more, the creativity takes a hit.

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It have also virtually removed medium-sized bases since you can only place one cb in those, yet still tower yourself in.

Thank you all for the feeback. I was expecting to get flamed because of this thread tbh.

I miss the old door sounds. A lot. Wish we had sound packs.

I miss raiding being hard

Can we make the game moddable like moddable moddable? I dont give a damn about having microtransaction but I would still like mods where you can easily implement these features people miss or some they would like to but will never get from Garry. You told that it most of the time just a few yes or no options, why cant we change that?

Yes, why can’t we? Probably because that’s not how Gary wants us to play!
Remember, it is HIS game… and he gets to dictate how we play it

Oh, and they’re also porting this to console soon, which means it will only get dumber from this point on.

No they’re not. That is simply a rumour. This has never been confirmed.

Even if they were going to port to consoles. (Which has never been confirmed.) Garry already stated that they won’t be making a dumbed down version of rust for consoles then porting back to steam. It will be made on computer first, THEN if they decide to port it to console it will be ported over.

Dude this just proves what I said before, you know nothing about them. This game requires creativity and some logic thinking in terms of base building, and you can make base hard to raid.

Yes, of course you can still build a viable base. That is not the issue here! The problem is that there is like only one way how to build a viable base today, making all bases look alike. If the base is big enough to have cupboarding issues - external tc houses must be made which then I - as a raider - will focus on. I’d rather get up on the roof first and blow myself down, than going through door by door since it almost always saves me loads of explosives.

And Hahapingaz. That statement might as well mean that he is first dumbing down the game on pc, and then “not” dumbing it down when porting it.

Also, GIVE US BACK OIL ON THE MAP! Then at least admins could put out working pumpjacks!

I miss the times when not everyone was a “Tower Douche”