Let's Play Aeroplanes!


This movie contains the second most complex explosion setup I’ve ever had to make.

I am the only player. It’s just me. Everyone else is a puppeted prop because I have no friends.

It’s 3am and I need my sleep.

This movie stole 9GB of precious HDD space.

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Nice! I laughed a lot :smiley:

how did you make the explosion in the end?

Great stuff. Whimsical and fun, very well made, good watch. What was the music?

I loved it! AWESOMEOENE!

Very nice!

That was actually pretty cool man!

I cried a tear. Pure awesomeness =)

Each ‘plane’ was welded to boxes on hydraulics to make them move, and with careful positioning, another box covered in particle makers was put inbetween them where they collide and made invisible.

Prokofiev Troika

First I was like what the Christ then I loved it.

This is so awesome. I laughed so hard at the part where Kleiner’s head started to spin :v:. The explosion was also really cool.

That was great!

How did you make each character follow what looked like a track while they flew?

Axis on an invisible box in mid air. Right click the object you want to follow the track first, then right click the face of the box which you want it to rotate. If a plane is flying across the horizontal plane, click the plane anywhere, then the top/bottom of the box. If it’s diving/climbing you shoot the side of the box.

This is perhaps the greatest gmod machinima i’ve ever seen.

That was seriously amazing. Great music choice too haha :D.

Wow, brilliant.

Great video!

very creative! brilliant video!


Anyone else understand this?



It was epic too