Let's Play Rust [PVP/NO Sleepers/Instacraft/Frequent Airdrops/Active Adult Admin]

Revamped my server all are welcome. First 25 to set up shop will get a special starter kit… Play fair and play often are the only real rules. All activities will be monitored and claims of hackers will be investigated. So if you’re looking for a place to unwind after a hard day at work, log in and kill some folks. There will be no favoritism or admin abuse on my server, hope to see some new faces.

okay so with much pain and waiting, Rust++ is back on the server…until another update…

I have added a community chest in split town. I will be placing any items I get from drops here. These are free to the public just don’t be greed, only take what you need.

Still have room for the new guys who want a safe place to get accustomed to game play.

Server woes continue across the board… Yet we’re still up and have room for more players.