Lets Play: Trouble In Terrorist Town

Hi facepunch this is a small server I set up when me and Grea$emonkey and I were bored and needed to celebrate something.

Host: Xenon Servers
Port: 27015
Slots: 128
Name: Lets Play: Trouble In Terrorist Town
Website: none atm

I will be hopping on 9:00 at -7 gmt.

(Please note this isn’t affiliated with thermal gaming.)

Cool, but no offense, thermal gaming needs to improve on not having douchebag admins that noclip me into the air then throw me down and then use my own car to kill me.


Witch server? Cider Two or Parasite?

Which and its possible you were on the Lite RP server.

Holy shite 128 slots how much is that a month

Was probably 30 cents with the 99% off coupon.

Yeah that’s like a one month deal though