Let's play: Woodwar

Don’t know if this was before your time, before gcombat and wire, but this was when using only wooden props, you created vehicles out of pure mechanical ingenuity, then built missiles and armaments out of cinder blocks, propane tanks, and more wood, and then fought

it was a lot more fun than the lua infused shit build servers I’ve encountered. so let’s play some old style gmod

add me on steam, I hope to pick up some of you veterans to play again.

God I miss having those battles with Friends through LAN, Too bad my Accounts disabled, We could of played.

oh my god. I loved those wars with wooden props!

I hold woodwars on my server occasionally, though wire plays a part in the contraptions often, there is usually little to no expression 2 unless its mixing hyraulics for fin control, and never are there any applyForce hax. The most adventurous we might get into it is angforce acctuated control surfaces if we dont have room for hydros for whatever reason, but for the most part hydros. We keep it all wood and steampunk. We use kenetic projectiles, etc. Its a very good time, I love it

wire is good in woodwars when they dont use E2 to make killer machines, but vanilla is better.

Bumping as one of the creators of the minigame back in 2005

I’m surprised to find out people still play this

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I don’t have screenshots because they got deleted along with some old FP posts where they were, so here have a paint drawing instead of my best tank:

It took absolute ages to spawn, and caused the fps to drop to hell whenever it was unfrozen. It kicked ass.

Marry me. :3:

I remember playing such games back in early 2007 (I was 12).
I used to make weapons with elastic constraints alot, I would love to play a game like that again.