"Let's rock, Let's Roll!" Car Chase City

Heres a new one.

I tried to improve overall image quality (but the jpeg quality really sucks :S) and I went easy with layer blendings.

For this pic I was inspired by tenacios D - Car Chase City :smiley:


I like it a lot - the only niggling I have is that the sparks from the vehicle on the right are a little bit too vibrant, and might look better closer to white or cream colored.

Great work otherwise, keep it up!

Thanks for the tip! That little detail was actually bugging me… Will try better next time I use sparks. ^^

Great now I just wanna watch the scene where JB and KG are in a car chase!

it looks rather messy

Type jpeg_quality 140 in the console to get your pics saved in PNG format.

It only saves them up to 100, anything above that does jack shit, devshots_screenshot is where it’s at, that spits out a .tga.

Tried it, when I type devshots_screenshot, it just takes a screenshot of the main menu, I guess it’s de moment I pressed enter… i’m not sure of what I’m doing wrong :S

put jpeg_quality 140 into the Steam launch options and it should work

Tried to put jpeg_quality 140 into the launch options and console… nothing happened… :S

bind it to a key

i did this

bind 0 "devshots_screenshot"

By default it was bound to \ for me, odd.