Lets talk about animals.

Now i really hate to complain. because i have been in love with rust since legacy. the animal situation is crazy right now. boars and dear are so fast i believe the flash is a little jealous of them right now. God forbid you run into a wolf. they are heat seeking missiles of fury death if you have a rock and just spawned. bears maybe tougher than wolves but i would rather fight a bear over a wolf at this point.

The point i am trying to make is animals are far to fast now or humans are far to slow.

Are animals working on your server? On the server I was playing on last night, animals were spawning dead. Great if you happened to be nearby when it happens, but otherwise not so much.

Animals ARE fast IRL. There are several things either already in, or potentially coming in, that will change the game though.

Deer and boars can be hunted via endurance hunting… Keep chasing them and they get tired. This is currently in game.

Potentially a system like self preservation could come into play where as you fight a wolf if you get his HP low, he will run.

But above all that. They SHOULD be a challenge.

I killed a deer for the first attempt(there was no second) with a spear, had to chase her like for 1-2 mins. They deplete their stamina pretty quickly and you can corner a deer or a boar at the shore.

sneaking up on them guarantees (most of the times) a secure first hit. Then you only have to chase them until you get a second hit off. By sneaking up on them, i mean: go crouching and use shirt to sprint. Ig mostly works for me.

But as stated above, animale do spawn dead on the amsterdam 2 server as well.

I haven’t tried it for a second time because most of the time I test hooks and fix stuff for Pluton. But thanks for your advice and information. :slight_smile:

S0unds like this will be fixed in an up coming update:

Nice find, utilitron.

Now I’m finding on the servers that instead of immediately dying, they don’t move at all, which is a little better because at least they won’t despawn before you find them.

I like fast animals. You should in no way be naked running up to an apex predator with a rock as your weapon. This behavior should put you at the bottom of the food pyramid.

Deer and boar should be hard to kill. You should have to sneak up on them to even get in the first hit, then they should run like hell. I would like to see animals bleed out though. Would be fun to track them and have to find them dead in the bushes.

Wounding them and causing them to run slowly would be cool too. I’ve shot deer before in the hind quarters and they sort of run but you can still follow them. Then when you catch up to them you have to finish them off.

frank it all sounds good till you put into practice. I come from a family that hunt deer on a regular basis. i have been on hunts and tracked wounded animals.

from my game play now. i see deer always seem to run when i am about 10 feet away from them even crouched. so mostly likely i end up just running them down. waiting for them to run them selves out seems to work better than sneaking. since you have no idea when they are gonna spook. i have been dead behind a deer and it suddenly gets spooked.

what we need is some kind of meter to tell us if we are in line of sight or making to much noise to get at said animal. i see no rime or reason to when the animal just bolts for no reason.

If you have ever hunted a boar solo (most people do it in a group) if they get wounded or think they have a opening they will charge and gore you.

this is a game there’s no need to be super realistic. if i wanted to hunt in the wild and put all the effort into it. i can and would. This isn’t a hunting simulator its a pvp mine craft.

I highly disagree with you. The game does not need more HUD elements and handicaps for people who can’t figure out how to kill an animal. It’s really easy to do once you figure out how to sneak up behind them. Also, you can run forever, and they can’t. Besides the fact that they can outrun you for the first 10 seconds, everything else is stacked in the players favor and you still want more? Please just learn to be better. Someone who has real life experience hunting and tracking shouldn’t be needing a HUD meter telling you if you’re hidden. Sneak on them from behind them while they sleep or forage. Use your brain. If the thing you try isnt working try something else rather than assume it can’t be done. Part of survival is over coming obstacles not complaining about them and praying that god spawns food in your pocket.

Since the animals have been dead for days and you just have to beat their limp bodies, I have found I actually prefer the fast and difficult days. There is a challenge there at least.

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Nice avatar!

In the game I do not currently think you can sneak up on deer since I just run straight at them, hit once, then chase until they stop and hit again.

I wasn’t clear on my previous post, when I said I shot deer in the hindquarters before I meant I shot real deer. So I too have hunting experience, as well as spearfishing (I can’t wait for this in the game!)

I agree with Thor-axe about not needing more HUD stuff to look at. Just make it possible (if possible) in the deer’s AI to sense approaching entities. If it gets alerted it could raise its head and look around. When you see that it would be a visual cue that you need to wait. When its head is lowered you can start sneaking again.

I do agree that it would be cool if boars would attack like in real life. It would be like a passive enemy that normally avoids you, but becomes a threat when attacked.

I actually prefer bears and wolves because they’re easy to hunt. Just walk up and they come to you. You can easily kill one before you bleed out. Then cook and eat and you’re healed.

We should consider the possibility that some of these server problems are causing animals to run at odd times. For example, client side they are looking away from you as you sneak. To you they never see you, but server side the deer catches a glance or turns and sees you. This is a likely possibility given current server-client communication errors. Hold out for next patch, I think once that’s resolved animals will be a bit more predictable

actually opens up an interesting avenue. i don’t like the idea of an artificial thing like a meter, but a “nervous” phase with an animation between the animal being unaware of your presence, and running away would be very useful. it could be the same time as the “aggro” noises/animation for predators, because at the moment, you just can’t hear them before they attack you from behind.

I like the fast animals. I thought it could have made for a nice way to make the bow more useful too, by changing the cloth in the recipe to some type of plant fiber made into string. I’m not exactly sold on the rundown idea, but that’s only based on the idea that all animals live in clumps in the forests. In practice I’ve noticed prey tends to run out with the hunting system, making them easier to target without getting a predator on you.

I think animal are bugged right now, on London 1 & Amsterdam 1 public server, the animals are for 90% of them all dead laying on the ground.