Lets talk about code lock drop rate...

I play this game as a casual. Unfortunately only have the weekend to play, I started Friday evening till Monday evening due to the long weekend. I nearly received every BP available that are found in barrels except for a code lock. To calculate, I played a total of 6 hours per day for 4 days and got a barrel on average every 10 mins. That is over 144 barrels.

To solve I think we need the either of the following:

  • Make code lock bp default (Make it expensive)

  • Increase the drop rate

  • If BP’s are hard to find at least make it more possible to get a code lock to research

Yeah, it’s pretty horrid at the moment. I’ve come across bases on my server that were 3X4X4 all armored…with keyed locks lol

It’s easy for me to say because I have the bp, but I like it. I’ve given freshspawns code locks and helped people get the bp by research. It forces a bit of community, because there’s no point in building a decent base without one.

They need to take whatever the map BP drop rate is, cut that by a 3rd and make it the code lock BP

All I can say is thank the heavens for modded servers. No official server will EVER be worth the time it takes for these things. And these things are 100% required to exist in the end game without being constant “nude with wood spear” bait.

Solutions 2 and 3 were my favourites, but solution 1 isn’t that great, but still doable in my opinion

I like that they take a while to get, but I hate how random it is. The research table mitigates this somewhat but I think it would be cool if they let us invest resources into “leveling up” our gear. For example, you need to give the game 5k wood and 2k metal frags to unlock the codelock. Its artificial, which Garry wants to avoid, but it would go a long to way to making the blueprint grind less frustrating.

If you’re struggling to find them in barrels though you might try asking the server you’re on if someone would be willing to make you one. Its pretty easy to lay someone a bag and start up a fairly risk free trade. Make sure you tip well and you may even make a new friend.

well I finally found a code lock and discovered its a 30% chance to learn the blueprint at a research table. I def think the balance on time/resources need to be balanced on these.

I think if you fail at the research, you should stand a better chance of researching that item in future. Learning from your mistakes/expereince? Of course you would have to use a freshly made item to get it higher, the same broken one being fixed should still debuff the chance.

code lock bp should be default bp honestly

I would not say that. There should be some achievement needed to gain access to a powerful tool. Of course, it should do a helluva lot more than it does for basically winning the lottery if you can get the bp for it.

Took me 2 weeks to find a bp for it.

How about making a 3 digit code lock? That’d be possible to solve since there are 1000 possible combinations. 2 seconds per try means half an hour to try all possible combinations. On average of course less. Make that as common as a stone spear or even default and you have moderate security. :slight_smile:

Found it on my first day and have found multiples since then… even had three blueprints in a chest at one point… so does seem to be random…

i have more than 1k Barrels destrukt but not found… after 3 Days and many angry moments with Key-Lock i found in a raidet House in Box… i was soo Happy :slight_smile: Keylock is Horror :slight_smile:

And for Codelock, NEED 1 Number more… 2 Houses from me have one lucky man raidet with trying code. Now i have more than one Code^^

i think code lock and large chest should be default bp. when you start playing on a new server or after bp wipe it’s pain in the ass until you find those 2 bp. it’s gameplay mechanic and all that but there is just no fun in it. it’s annoying

a codelock is relatively high tech, even a rudimentary one. should need a bp, even if it makes it a bit harder to get settled.

that said, i’d love to see latches on doors that allow you to lock the door from the inside. maybe they could be default/tier 1, with keylocks tier 2 and codelocks the highest tier.

I do believe there should be a common blue print giving you a medium sized box.

Default: Key lock and small box
Common blue print: 3 digit code lock and medium box
Rare blue print: 4 digit code lock and large box

That way you have something to start with, get better things pretty fast but still there’s rare stuff for the players that work for it (or get lucky). Not everything should just be given away for free to everyone. Being able to craft rare things for which you search long is part of the fun.

An electrically powered code lock yes, but a mechanical combination lock (such as on a bike chain) is even simpler than a key lock. You can make a functioning 3 digit combination lock out of 5 pieces of metal, no need for springs, pins or tumblers.

I like the latch idea though.

Less medical syringe and stone spear BP, more code lock BP