Lets talk about... Mining

I see lots of references to mining in the latest dev blog. What do you guys think is afoot?

A radtown mine, or a bunch of buildable minecraft redstone-like automatic stuff.

Cave-like mines to explore with a higher chance to find stone but with more npc enemies than in the outside world. Just like bears and wolves but a bit more and/or stronger.

That would be cool.

Having a bunch of player competitors in a small cave is already enough for me.

Right now I can’t imagine them being able to program caves without terrible buggy issues with npcs. We already have animals clipping through mnts and rocKs. Maybe fix the path in first then work on caves.

I take it you guys don’t read the devblogs?


Hope these will have the HP worth 100 C4, and the equivalent cost of making it.

I rather hope that I can take it instead of having to build one. I dont really want to play minecraft in rust, mining and wood cutting here is not that interesting to waste my life on it.

There is rumors that they are working on some kind of of quarry.

Its in the devblog, why is it a rumor?