Lets Talk about S&box and Source 2 with me :D

Hey i want talk about S&box and Source 2 Steam VR i will do somethings tonight on Source 2 and i will show you what i do sorry if my english was not good somethimes ^^

so i will create Coral Castle

Coral Castle from fortnite on source 2 i will try tonight for my first map


please don’t


i will do this i use many asset from Quixel megascan, UE4 and more and Source 2 was better Source 1

Please don’t make a thread about what you might want to make. Threads are reserved for established projects. Please let this thread die by not posting more in this thread.

this thread about a map i will do on 3/7 days for Source 2 and S&box using Source 2 so let me the time

No, please let this thread die. After you’ve got something to show you can make an own thread. In the meantime, use the WAYMO thread.

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hmm kay