Lets talk about WAYMO threads

Hey everyone.

As most active users here on the forums know the recent quality of posts have gone down as the forums have had an influx with “prototype” models & maps. I think we should limit dedicated WAYMO threads to be for large-scale/community projects, not just prototypes. What this means is that mappers/modellers who are working on a map/models they plan on releasing are free to make their own thread, but rest should refrain from doing that and post in the dedicated WAYMO Monthly thread instead. What do you guys think?

thats a good point there, i mean we can have it for HL2: Remake, TF2 some of us attempted or game UPDATES

yeah thats why i tried to create a thread for people to show of their general basic models and such since i didn’t want to have a ton of threads like
“candy related model”
“crate related models”
“here is a model i made”
an so on where it will just be a couple of thing, then the thread is abandoned and a different one it made, better for me and others to show it off in there if they are not too major.
if its a bigger thing like my skeleton i keep it in its own thread, but most smaller models i am trying to keep in its own place

but ehhh im not sure though since people do wanna stand out in their own, we will just have to see when more stuff gets made, but i do agree it feels like stuff people are working on its getting flooded away by everything being posted, then not many people get to look at or read at bigger things being made.


We should totally clean up the forum with dedicated threads, where everyone can post their shit in and only make new ones if it has a bigger background, meaning mappers who work on a series or a big map. Something like that. Simply cleaning the forum. I would also suggest a stylized title meaning something that makes it more obvious and understandable what the thread is about.


It’s simple really.
Does it take less than 3 pictures and 5 paragraphs to describe your project? Then it’s not worthy of a thread unless you plan on updating frequently.
I understand if some people want to have their own exclusive thread, but they don’t even put the WAYWO tag on it, so we can’t even hide it!

Look at all these recent posts!


None of them have the WAYWO tag! And it’s not even scratching the tip of the iceberg, just visit the #sb:mapping tag
Wish I didn’t lose my Regular status or else I would’ve put them myself.
I don’t even know if you can hide posts with a tag…

EDIT: Fixed


Don’t forget all the people that make a thread for each minor update they make (or even “plan to make” in some cases)


nervously looks at my gamemode/gamemodes waywo thread
but im not sure if i should create and add a new tag to all the gamemode related threads since there are alot of them, that way we can just separate them into their own thing, please say if you agree and i will go through and add a gamemode tag to them


If you’re talking about the Dine ‘n’ Dash gamemode then you’re one of the few people getting it right


A gamemode tag sounds good. I’d do it myself if I could but I’m not a regular yet.

Is there a way we can merge threads?

It’s not necessarily a bad thing that there is project and amateur posts being made and that these posts encourage personalized feedback and development for the user but I do agree that it does create a bit more of an unclean forum.

I think as OP said a monthly thread would be better but with this we’d have to actually enforce posting to these threads. I think we could also incentivize posting to these community WAYMO threads by having a monthly top 3 or top post award etc. to encourage both the use of the thread and content development.

Pretty much we need to form as a community an agreed consensus that WAYWO will be posted in a single thread (thread being created monthly) and that if you post a WAYWO outside of this thread you get your post punished.

This also means we cant have everyone and their nan post a WAYMO compilation master thread every 2 days and that there is one for the month.

Just as an indication respond to the poll your opinion as obviously if there isnt community support for the idea there’s no point in pursuing a master thread.

WAYMO Monthly Master Thread?
  • Yes
  • No

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Good luck with that, the people posting these threads want to “stand out” above the rest, or at least be seen. I wonder why :thinking:


I agree we’d have to have some capability to either remove the post and repost it in the thread or its probably not going to work. I do feel like we should still encourage free posting but at the same time not this mess. Question for regulars as to what they can do in regards to others posts.

as for a monthly master thread, i think for a little bit while there is still a fuckton of stuff going on
but once the hype of everyone making everything at once dies down and it goes back to how it was before with people showing of a few things every day or so, then we can go back to individual topics again, but that wont be for a while

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Until then I’ll keep gently reminding people to post in the WAYMO threads.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about the amount of threads that should go to the Gmod section but are posted in the S&box.
Most projects (That are not maps) are being made in Gmod, only reason why they’re not posted there is because they add a little text somewhere in the post that says “Soon to be ported to S&box”.

I think in that case its justifiable while there is limited access to the game but once public access begins then they get the boot back to gmod. If a person has the intent to have this concept and idea in s&box then there fine due to the in development nature of the game.

Yeah, there’s been alot of that recently. Natural that people are trying to test the limits of what they can get away with. Seemingly mentioning S&box is enough for people to put it here even when nearly everything they’ve done is gmod.

I do think we need some kind of proper WAYWO thing now yeah, it wasn’t that big an issue back when we only got 1-3 threads per day but with keys starting to drop and Garry mentioning that he’s handing out more of them through the forums it’s gotten way out of hand.

Most of the mapping/modelling related ones I don’t really have a problem with having their own threads (as long as there’s some actual content there) But project threads specifically have really gotten out of hand.

1 thing though, even if we say people should do this or do that.
still people are gonna come here and just create a new topic and go again, most people dont read the rules or what else is going on here like we do, they are here to just show their stuff for a chance to get a key and go again by just creating a new thread and showing it off, then going, even if its not in the right category and such, as long as they can get a chance.