Lets Talk XP: The Level Cap

So far with what I’ve tested on the pre-release, my verdict is that the experience system is great and it’s doable.
I’m all for what it has to offer over the old blueprint system, but what I imagine down the road leads to something we gotta talk about.
What happens when half the players are level capped? What purpose is farming if you can’t gain anymore XP?

First, lets look at the biggest advantage this progressive system has us working with.
There’s hell of a lot less clans decked out because some of them farmed AK and C4 BPs.
Your primitive weapons become useful from this little change.

So, capped players become an issue now, on one side they can craft pretty much anything.
On the other, they don’t ever gain XP, the game is different to them.

Whether they just quit from boredom because the progression is gone, or they’re in a clan of strictly capped players, the gameplay just seems broken.
I have a couple of basic ideas to help this, but I want to see what y’all think.

The best option personally is to lose your last level on death, learned crafts are reset and must be relearned.
Being able to acquire and retain the highest levels should be very difficult, but allow you to craft the best items in the game.
Progression should be exponentially harder. For instance, losing your revolver recipe will take 5 deaths’ worth of XP loss, losing your C4 takes 2.

Another example fix is XP lost over time, also with the same exponential feature. Take weeks to start losing mid-game recipes, but just a few days to lose top-tiers.
Those with top-tier gear will have to be recently active, allowing mid-range items to be the bread and butter for most clans to have their hands on.

How the advanced weapons and defenses be regulated should allow as much fair gameplay as possible without appealing to the most no-life players. .
I hope the devs consider this part of late game when working on the new XP system.

I can’t really comment on the particulars having not played with the xp system, but I like the idea of it being dynamic.

Is there any interaction with bps/research table anymore? Will they somehow be merged?

I don’t agree at all. What point is there to playing now once you have farmed all the bp’s? there isn’t, but people still continue playing anyway, it won’t be a problem.

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Research table and bp’s will no longer exist once the xp system is in.

thats a shame… i like the idea of using bp shards and research for something alongside xp

I also dont see a problem either because if you want to make c4 or build you have to farm …

On a side note

im wouldent like to say im against xp system because i have never played it …but what i would say is i enjoyed the blueprint system and i like searching for them its a huge part of the game and i think i will greatly miss it, because it was fun going out and not knowing what you may find

xp system sounds a little boring but as i said till i try it i cannot really comment

There are mmorpgs that have fixed this issue by making every ‘level’ gained after max level give you some sort of point, which you can spend on special consumable items. So something like a “mastery point” system would be cool in order to keep the progression going without end. What would mastery points be spent on? Perhaps… improved crafting? Like let’s say you use a hatchet to gather a ridiculously massive amount of wood, you could then perhaps craft an advanced hatchet, after using your hatchet mastery points on that (after you’ve obtained level cap, of course). To keep the progression going, they could simply grant just 1 consumable blueprint of said advanced hatchet, that gathers tons of wood and lasts a long time, but of course can be lost or stolen. So you can grind more trees in order to obtain another advanced hatchet blueprint to craft another single advanced hatchet. (keep in mind, these are just examples so there’s no need to pick apart what I say. I am just using an example of what a sort of mastery point system COULD be, it is ultimately up to Facepunch as to how it will or if it will be implemented, and I have faith that their implementation of such a thing would be done well enough.)

Just an idea, but I think some sort of system like that would be cool to keep progression going after you’ve hit the cap. And of course it doesn’t have to only be just hatchets, but all items. I would love to see some sort of continued progression after the level cap.