Letter to Mom

First expirience with models Aliem Swarm

woah i never knew how low poly the models were

looks pretty nice I think it would look better in color though
otherwise its pretty awesome sauce

Text is really blurry and hard to read aswell as the ugly “old letter” effect in the middle of the text and the left side are blurry and un-enjoyable.

It’s meant to look like an old postcard that’s been brought from an old chest.

Old chest? That’s a space suit on the moon, I don’t think there’s old chests in the modern/future.

Do I really need to fabricate an explanation and a very beautiful backstory behind the image for you to understand as to why the person who created the image used old photographic effects and faded ink letters to simulate an old letter to his mother?


Yes you do, why would a modernized/futuristic picture be taken with a old camera that doesn’t have color? Why would someone store it in a chest, when there’s shelves and footlockers and safes?

Maybe you should just enjoy the image itself instead of just over-analyzing it.

Oh excuse me, you didn’t. Move along.

End of this little dispute.

Excuse me? I joined Facepunch, to make screenshots and to give criticism, you on the other hand, because I joined and I made a few posts giving criticism, i’m some sort of bad guy.


and I am not over-analyzing it, i’m simply telling the OP that it doesn’t make sense for a man in a spacesuit to be on the Moon to have their picture taken with an old camera.

It’s called an imagination, and fan-fiction. You could practically combine any aspect here in the section provided that it is tasteful to the general public forum of FP, you could . And you should have a profile to your own work so that your criticism would have the least amount of a form credibility to start with.

knock cock

It is imagination, but in what ever time period that is, having black and white cameras/colorless film is just plain silly.

I’m editing my picture i’ve made as we speak, and I disagree with you, you can’t combine one thing fighting another because that’s generic and the most overused subject on FP i’ve seen since i’ve joined, because i’ve checked half the threads on the pages and most of them are the same or nearly the same… x vs y or x leads y, ect. People want originality is what it seems here on FP unless you add a shitload of special effects to you’re generic picture which will make the viewers crave the picture.

Nonsense. It is in the future you are likely to find old chests.
Reason being, they have had time to get to be old chests. This is called logic.

Hardly anyone owns a chest anymore in this time period of the screenshot because it would be outdated and people would evolve around new things suck as i’ve described, shelves, footlockers, safes, aswell as boxes.

You’re already over-analyzing it.

Because i’m trying to describe my opinion and criticism of something that doesn’t make sense.


would you keep a picture of yourself saying “Blah blah blah” with a camera from the 60’s or so when it’s like the year 2058?


:siren:I’m done talking about this, you didn’t win, neither did I so let’s both drop it.:siren:

It is irrelevant. Old chests have a bigger narrative value. This is a universal rule. Example!

“He found a ancient evil text file on the computer”… That is just plain silly. And!
“He found an ancient evil letter in a foot locker”… Not much narrative value there.

“He found a ancient evil scroll in an old chest”… Now that works just fine.

Would you give a HL2 Rebel an AK47 rifle or a MP5 SMG or so even though those weapons did not exist in HL2 itself?

I can play the game too.

“Weapons like those are common in the Eastern Europe.”

“An astronaut buddy kept an antique camera for nostalgic purposes and decided to take a photo of his buddy on the moon.”

I just stooped down into having to provide a plausible explanation for you to take and apply to the image.