Letting a .VTF file appear on your HUD.

Hey, I’ve been wondering, how would you make your own picture, (I know how to do that), Make it into a .vtf file, and let it appear on your HUD, and how would the inside of the .VMT file be?



Example from the page…

[lua]local QuadTable = {}

QuadTable.texture 	= surface.GetTextureID( "gui/gradient" )
QuadTable.color		= Color( 10, 10, 10, 120 ) 

QuadTable.x = 0 
QuadTable.y = y-8 
QuadTable.w = 600 
QuadTable.h = 400
draw.TexturedQuad( QuadTable )[/lua]

If you’re worried about a VMT file, just copy one from another generic texture inside the materials folder, and change the “$basetexture” value such that it links to your .vtf file.