Level Captions

im making a css obstacle map and i want to be able to make level captions like in bob. does anyone know how?


ty ty

Actually its not showing up even with a trigger enabling it…

Did you check the flags and things to make sure it’s enabled by default?

yeah the only one is start disabled and its not ticked

And what about the general settings, what do you have?

name - lvl1msg

parent - none

entity message - Level 1 - Smasher

message radius - 200

developer only - no

Try making the radius 0 or something like 99999, or just make sure you’re really close to where the entity is placed in the map when you trigger it.

r u sure is point_message, its still not working out

Well I didn’t suggest it but I presume it would work.


What are you using for your triggers?


You realise this displays 2d3d text and not actual on-hud text right?

well i kinda wanted the hud text.

It doesn’t work in CS:S, sorry D:.

point_message and env_message don’t work in CS:S, the ladder only working in SP mode.

The only way to display messages from the map in CS:S is by using point_servercommand and getting the server to say whatever message you want to say.

tehn how do maps like bob 2 have it?