Level Editor v0.2


So for the last several months I’ve been working on a generic level editor and recently I reached my v0.2 milestone.
Basically it’s an editor that can be used with any game that supports it’s format.
If you want to learn more about it I have a longer pitch here, and a roadmap here.

I’d like to hear what do you think about it, and perhaps things you’d like to see in it.
Keep in mind that it’s still very early WIP version, so a lot of standard stuff are yet to be implemented.
By the way it doesn’t have a name yet, any ideas?

I’m planning to make a first game with it soon.
Also I’d really appreciate if anyone will help me to test it.

Oh and if anyone’s interested I’m posting updates about it on my twitter.

It looks really nice so far.

I noticed on your “pitch” page though that you erroneously state that Hammer uses BSP to render the map, it actually doesn’t.

Hammer stores brushes by their faces, and faces are defined as infinite planes that are clipped when they intersect other planes on the same brush. Vertexes are created on the corners where three planes intersect. This is the reason you can’t have concave brushes, because the clipping algorithm flips out and can’t cope with an inverted brush.

But in addition to that, Hammer doesn’t store the planes with enough precision, which causes brush corruption when you make certain shapes, like a beveled cylinder or a sphere.

The compile tools convert the brush planes into a BSP format. Technically you could make a different set of compile tools to convert the brush planes into another format used by a different engine.

Yeah I need to update that part and replace it with “designed for BSP”.
Also I don’t think I have value loss with the serialization lib I’m using. I can see values with 17 places after the point. It can take more space but most things are aligned to the grid so it’s not a big deal.

It depends on how you store your brushes really. It makes more sense to store brushes by vertexes and draw faces from them. The reason Valve started storing brushes as planes in Source Hammer was to get rid of the constructive solid geometry (CSG) process from GoldSRC (Half-Life.)

If it’s a “light weight” program to use, like, not a resource hog, a cool name could be “Helium”.

It looks like a solid start so far. Great job.

Maybe a name related to making things? like “Carpenter”.

Or if you want something more cool sounding. Maybe deriving a name from mythological beasts is an idea. like “Fenrir”, “Scylla” or “Kraken”.

Currently the editor’s size is 26mb, and consumes about 24.5mb of memory with an empty world. Keep in mind it’s still far from complete. I’ll address the name suggestion at the bottom.

Regarding names I think something related to construction, like tools can fit really nice. One of the first things I thought about was “Shaper” but it doesn’t sound good.
Another option is something generic. Someone once suggested “Ultimate”, i.e. stuff that sound good but doesn’t have clear meaning.

Maybe there’s a god or beast of construction?

“Arazu - Babylon - The god of construction that was completed”
That actually sounds good, “Arazu”, what do you think?
Also “construction that was completed”, that means getting shit done, which is a plus.

Looks fantastic

Reminds me of Quake 2 map-making