Level Requirement for rprinters

So on my darkrp server I have the rprinters installed which are added into the game as entities from a lua file inside the script folder, not the entities and it also has vrondakis leveling system. Because of this I can’t use the “level = 10,” thing for a level requirement on the printer. I contacted the creator of rprint and he said that I need to create a custom check for it. Only thing is I have no idea where to even start to make the custom check. Can anyone tell me what the custom check should look like?

Why can’t you add a level parameter?

Show me how you add the printer entity

So inside the rprint folder which you put in the addons folder, there is a autorun folder, and inside that there is a sh_rprint.lua file. In there i automatically adds the printers into DarkRP, it never touches the entities.lua file in the darkrpmodification. Since it isn’t inside the darkrpmodifications it cant call the levels module therefore it doesn’t understand what the parameter “level = 10” means. I think what the script creator was saying is that I need to be a customCheck similar to that of the jobs customChecks. I’m not sure how to write the customCheck though. Basically I think the custom check calls the level module and sets a requirement.

Yes i understand this, it’s not “level = 10” but “lvl = 10” if you user darkrp leveling system.

I use vrondakis leveling system. lvl = 10 doesnt work

skrub i already fixed it. i turned off auto add and asked dan how to add them to entities.lua.

You need to find where it calls DarkRP.createEntity and add the level parameter there

I believe the parameter for the one located here is ply:getLevel()

(Basing it off of this)

I may be incredibly wrong, I’ve never even touched this sytem or know what it’s about, I’m just looking at the files

Yeah if you really needed a custom check use:

customCheck = function(ply) return ply:hasLevel(15) end