Level restriction on a mining system


I was wondering if it’s possible to “integrate” vrondakis’s level on the e-mining script.

In this script, you can craft weapons with minerals and mining points. I would like to add a level restriction like this:

(I can send you the lua part you want)


You didn’t buy the script.
Can’t tell if you are going to get an answer, but ban is something I am sure of.

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-snip, don’t care, I’ll just ask Diazzy about this whole ‘developer’ situation-

What? I never say that i bought the script, i plan to buy it if someone can make it compatible with vrondakis’s level!

You have literally just shown us the config for it, even thought it’s not shown in media.

Did you leak JUST the config then?

He also said he can send us the whole lua part…

Not to mention that one of his reflinks leads to:

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Appearently facepunch has some sort of censorship, good.

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As I said, I am going to talk this through with Diazzy since he is I believe your superior.

Wait, did i just get banned from scriptfodder for asking help with an addon?

The reason is “using leaked script”… Where did you see me using leaked script?
The only thing you have it’s me posting a screen of the config file.

It’s not a punishment, it’s a prevention.
I’ll ask Diazzy about it to have a clear view of the situation.

My concerns are - where did you get the screenie of config from, why didn’t you ask the author instead and why didn’t your superior ask for it himself to prevent confusion?
Or maybe can you clear this up for us?

My help request have nothing to do with Diazzy or MyDarkRP, it’s for my self usage.

Btw, in the scriptfodder rules, we can see:

I didn’t USE any leaked script, just asking for help with an addon to see if i can use it with another script before buying it and not be able to use it as i want.
Once again, the only thing you have is a screen of a config file.

You are right, altho I suggest asking author himself.

Yeah, i just added im on steam.

Seriously, you are sharing code you aren’t meant to share.

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Start asking authors instead, before I regret my decision.

Yeah, got it.

Oh and don’t think that I won’t ask Diazzy if he told you to get help from FP for this purge script.
I am entitled to aknowledge the real buyer of the script.

Now close the thread and let the authors do what they are paid for.