Level System

Hello all,

Newbie here, i was wondering how id go about making a level system. For example say a player kills someone, then they will get experience points which will build up and level the player over time.

Also where can i find basic sql gmod stuff?

Maybe similar to online games like MW2, etc? (You could have rank pictures on the scoreboard haha)

I will do this for £10.


Contact me on steam if you’re interested.

yea similar to mw2, umm maybe 10 euros if you teach it to me lol i like to learn

sure, drop me an invite

Holy crap, 10 euros

I would do it for free…

Based on your other question in another thread, I’m 99% sure that what you’re going to make won’t hit the average standards of Lua coding.

To above user

Hence the ‘free’