Leveling/xp system? Read devs?

Just my input, the leveling and xp system kinda ruin the game and i know im not the only one feeling this way. It puts this game in a state to where its to much of like a game other than how it was more realistic the way it was. I love rust its my favorite game. But this by far is the worst choice that has been made to add in the game. I have been a rust player and fan since it has came out. U should get rid of the leveling and focus on other areas. U guys had the game goin so well up untill this recent coming update.

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Or atleast implement seperate servers for people who want xp and those who dont, i know alot of people are liking this xp idea but there is also alot of people that feel like i do.

Rust was always a game, the devs never said that they want it to be as realistic as possible. (EDIT: OK, Garry said that he wants it so that you die in real life if you die ingame.)

Please explain further how it ruins the game.

It’s not even added yet.

Ya i know its a game but the way it is is better than what they are adding. And alot of people feel the same way amd alot of people want that change. Im on the side that wants no xp system, and ya i know its not added yet but it will be. My only opinion on the matter is to have servers with and without xp systems. That way both partys still can enjoy the game.

Its added on prelease, read the devblog.

Yah-huh, how came something that hasn’t been added yet “ruin the game”? :quotes:

Perhaps we should wait and see…

Edit: The pre-release version isn’t really even playable yet, (it crashes as soon as you get XP points), so I don’t think this is at a point where we can judge it…

Well obviously this is why the XP system is ruining Rust forever! Expect layoffs next week and garry to have to sell his house by the 1st of April as the studio collapses and the infernal beast, Satan, rises and opens great cracks in the earth in Walsall and swallows the Facepunch Studios offices whole into the bowels of hell itself.

If only the XP system hadn’t been added, we might have discovered a cure for cancer instead. Look what you did, garry. I hope you’re happy. :garryspin:

will someone give this man his medication back or he’s using to much of them!
So he can discover a cure for cancer :wink: :smiley:

I agree, the leveling system ruins the aspect of rust that made it seperate from the shitty game called ark, i hope garry does not implement the leveling system, or atleast make it able to be disabled in modded servers so i do not have to deal with it!

Do you really believe that Garry will make the exact silly mistakes that the ark devs did?

Have a bit trust.

As long as were not able to poop on each other my trust is strong

poop each other is better than have a magical experience bar floating my screen… hit 1k times a tree and now i know how to make a shotgun LOL WTF

Vectruz flame next week if you dont like it its not out yet

Pre-release server isn’t “added” to the game. When it comes in an update for everyone, then it’s “added” to the game.

The devblog also said it’s a bag of shit right now and not to bother.

Man you just keep hating when its not even out yet. I looked at your posted and theirs about 30 on the no-implemented xp system.

I think it will go to the staging branch first before main.

Garry has already stated before that he intends to put more materials in the game that will make you go scavenging. The xp system is purely to learn blueprints, it’s not meant to replace all scavenging. Stop panicking people, they have a plan.

They haven’t even released it yet! (prerelease doesn’t count) “It’s a bag of shit right now, so don’t bother trying it yet.”

sure… after all kind of good stuff i see added in the game… i may just never back here… they could do better than progression by xp system. Sure it can be away better than xp progression… a lot of stuff do it better… may they can do workbench stations with tier… naked just do wooden stuff wooden workbench do players create stone stuff… you upgrade the workbench to stone one
this make possible to create some furnances or something like that to be able create iron
with iron you can do other level of upgrade and a new workbench like blacksmith one… or even iron furnance that is stronger… alloying to high qualiti metal
with this you can build a smelt station… and using this you can finally build the things
for explosives, start with alchemi station upgrade to mix table and go on… for all branchs of tech
with resouces not levelling cheat :confused: