Lever Action Rifle and Swamplurk (Point Lookout)

I just realized I used the normal mirelurk instead of the hunter shit D:

Cool, I await to maybe see more.

I wish i hadn’t deleted my backup of the PL BSA’s now.

Awsum, I hope to see more of PL in the future.

That rifle would be a good annabelle replacement, dont you think?

Yeah, just update the textures a bit.

Awesome Slif

The skins look very blurry :frowning:

Tell bethesda Softworks.

Oh come on! What did Fallout do to you?

Points for combining two of the most unrelated models in one download. The model looks great, the texures; “do not want” They are shit.

Do I smell Annabelle replacement?

It’d be nice, although the Double Barrel Shotgun would be better for this in my opinion.

Nice job on the ports. :slight_smile:

That’s lincoln’s repeater right? Awesome weapon.

No, that’s the lever action rifle from PO. Used by the (hella) dangerous freaks in the swamps.