Lever or something in map.

How do I make a lever to rotate in map? I heard I have to use tools/origin ?
So how do I make it to work as button?

func_rotate_temp or something like that I believe.

prop_dynamic parented to a func_door_rotating would be the best bet for reference (assuming the model isn’t animated)

If it really is a button you want then use a func_rot_button and parent a prop_dynamic to it, i recommend using; Props_c17\Trappropeller_lever
Good luck.

Or just try with func_button

It doesn’t rotate.

No, i meant, put func_rotating and func_button with input: TurnON or w/e


The lever has to be a prop_dynamic if it actually is a prop, and not brush based. The prop_dynamic is parented to a nodraw “func_rotating” which will turn the prop up and down. Create a func_button around the level area, and put all the I/O and shit.


Just do it and hopefully you’ll do it right

p.s. using the origin (little white ball) you can drag it all the way down to the base of the button, making it rotate from there… you may need to check the flags tab for which direction you want it too go.