Lewis NPC WiP

Finally got a better computer setup that will allow me to finish projects without losing all my work due to constant crashes,
so as my first project on said setup, I’ve decided to make a NextBot of Lewis from the Mystery Skulls- Ghost music video.

I originally made the model for a Slender Fortress server a year ago, and recently decided to do something more with him as the server he was on is now dead, I’m planning on do this with all the monsters I’ve created for said server including:
**Squidward (my favorite one)
The SummerWeen Trickster
Bill Cipher
The Villager

**Anyway, its better to do one thing at a time, with Lewis

**Here is the coding test:

**Planning on adding extra features like:

Neutral to players unless player causes harm
Particle Effects
More animations
Maybe a playermodel aswell (Dunno yet about that one)*
Also, if ANYONE is really skilled with coding Nextbots, I could really use the help with this project.
***(I’ve been extremely lucky to even get his AI to function, after just bumbling about with different source codes)