Lewy K's PVE Land: Rust++/No Sleep/PVE/Instacraft/NO C-4/ NO RAIDING!


Fresh PVE server started on Feb 16, 2014 hosted from Seattle, WA

Cheatpunch active.

Rules are simple, be courteous and helpful to fellow players!

NO C-4 server.

There will be no raiding, anyone caught raiding will be banned. Looting decayed structures is permitted.

Running Rust++ (Location, generous starter kit, friends and pm system, more)

Modified loot table (removed C-4, improved airdrops)

Looking to build a small, but close knit community. Not looking for admins at this time, ran by father/son. But in time individuals that show they are helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable will be promoted.

No website at the moment, if this picks up and we have an active community, I will make one. Can reach me on Steam most evenings and weekends (lewyk13)

Hope to see you there :wink:

Update and changes as of 2/25/14 patch

Running Oxide

lk13.org will be the server news site, in progress

Airdrops (when they work)
Reduced Durabilty settings (1 set to .25)

Included plug-ins:

Private Messaging
Players List
Starter Kits

Working on No C-4

Again, this is a PVE server, raiding is not allowed. Looting decayed buildings is fine… Put it this way, if you have to go through a door, wall, roof (ie. stairs,barracades,ect on the outside of the building) … It’s raiding.

Admins are on every night to check on the server and help where we can. We do not have favorites, we are actually known for giving out stuff from time to time… Don’t ask, we will do it when we feel like it :wink: :wink:

Slowly building a pretty decent community, great place to learn the game. So come on buy, spend a week getting comfortable with Rust before venturing out into PVP, or stick around longer and have some fun messing around.

I DO NOT wipe the server if I don’t have to!