Ley SF addon release

all my current sf addons unobfucusated, there u go

What happened

I don’t suppose it was something to do with SimplicityAC seeing as it’s not included?

Isn’t this like rude for the people that bought it not knowing that it would be released for free for everyone else?

I presume they got what they paid for so not really.

Welcome to Prone Mod :disgust:

no anticheat?

It is because if you release it. You would be showing people how to bypass it.

As if making it paid doesn’t do that already?

Do people that bought this recently get a refund? I bought this and do not see why you should release this for free for everyone else. It is kinda unfair and also very weird that you do not let your customers know why you leave GModStore and everything and rename your script to dickscheat.
I think I should at least get an explanation…

I think its a bit of a “shitty” thing to do, to be honest. Would had been better to kill it off.

Simply not fair for people who spent their hard earned money to support you.

I understand how this could be upsetting to buyers, but going so far as to call this “shitty” is a gross overstatement. Buying a product does not make them entitled to support forever, and releasing this content into the public domain is better than leaving it to leakers.

There are better ways to deal with this. It is not the first time we see a developer quit the marketplace. Would have been better to atleast set the addons to not be able to be purchased for a few months, maybe more until its released for free. Or refund the recent buyers. Or hell, even wait for a while until releasing all for free.

I am not talking about support here. I am talking about making people throw out their money for, a now free, product.

This will obviously be an unpopular opinion, mainly because people mostly just want free stuff (fully understandable). But in the end, this screws over people who have supported him.

How does it screw them over? Name me a single negative impact this had on them

This is not about people wanting free shit. The buyers chose to support a developer – the marketplace has no statute that says the developer has some restriction on releasing their own product in whatever way they see fit outside of said marketplace. While your argument may mirror more expensive products or those made by larger teams, this is a singular commodity released by a sole creator. The money he earned, no matter at what time is was received is a contribution and purchase with the guarantee of quality, not a contract.