LeyAc on Murder

Hey guys just wanna show you guys what LeyAC does on murder…

didnt know weather to post this on LeyAC thread or not but ima link him to this thread anyway

Anyway to fix?

So no suggestions… no nothing?

I really want to fix this!

Did you run the supposed “adaptation mode” or whatever it is called?

You can start by not using it

Contact Leystryku and ask him for help.

You’re kinda on your own on that one.

  1. Password the server so you’re alone.
  2. Run the “adaptation mode” on your client so the server know what not to include.
  3. Remove the password and don.
    No I got no clue how to do it … but I read what he said and the “readme.txt” file.

Normally I don’t want to help lazy fucks to set it up, because lazy fucks shouldn’t be hosting servers, but maybe this will stop other lazy fucks from posting such threads

If you see cs + something in your goodstuff file, set LeyAC.punish_CompileString in the _ley_imp.lua to false.
If you see cf + something in your goodstuff file, set LeyAC.punish_CompileFile in the _ley_imp.lua to false.
If you see rs + something in your goodstuff file, set LeyAC.punish_RunString in the _ley_imp.lua to false.
If you’re using wire, set LeyAC.punish_RunString and LeyAC.punish_CompileString to false."

Well thanks for all your help I will try it out later. I recently started going through lua files and tryign to learn it, so sorry for not understanding everything that is said…

Thanks again!