LeyAC Release Thread

I already knew from the beginning this was bound to happen, but let me make it quick.
Since CH is closing down I’m releasing it for everyone.
However, this version is behind a bit less than 1.x behind the currently still sold version ( this version is 5.99.1 ) at the moment, so that my purchasers don’t feel ripped off.

  • other info -
    There’s been lots of drama, but hey it’s an AC, Cheats and Anti Cheats are drama magnets.
    This AC is pretty solid, and made with users and detections in mind.
    It’s an attempt at combining ease-of-use and safety, without using any C++ modules.
    The package contains the license, the AC, and the never sold file stealer ( Which might not be compatible with 5.99.1 :v: ).

And yeah, like the license says, you can use it for nearly whatever you want ( Defamation and Tivoization are not allowed ), as long as you don’t want to use it for anything commerical and use the same license.

edit: new link: https://my.mixtape.moe/sbzggm.zip

edit: shit I forgot, most importantly: There is no support for this version, at all. Don’t want 100 people adding me on steam :v:

This is really nice of you.

It’s so affordable, I didn’t even have to pay anything!

Looks like were gonna have to ban Leystryku for leaking his script.

Inb4 mad skids and copying accusations.

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Did you consider ScriptFodder?

Nice, man! I already told you this on Steam, but thanks for releasing it.

Crazy affordable! Great AC, nice coder :slight_smile:

Now let’s just wait for nyaa to remake NyaAC by relabeling this

Ley is an awesome dude. He knows his shit and his ac is great

thank u for greats idea

I did, kind of.
The possibility is still open, even if not too likely.
Right now you can’t really purchase LeyAC anymore though ( except if you’re insane or rich, or maybe both :v: )

Loving it, thanks man.

Inb4 “I can’t set it up, it won’t work”
Also, best usable AC (waiting for ZED AC gets a major “update”)

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cookie if you find the backdoor

Ok guys I found a bypass:
Delete server folder inside autorun and ur cheats should work.

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Don’t leak this to mpgh please

wow bypassed easy. all i had to do is install a PCIe driver to hack the game

no problem

Make sure it’s amd ok, nvidia is detect.

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Working on hardware sound aimbot via FireWire

ur going to overflow the call stack, make sure to put water on ur cpu

my cpu is so good it actually finishes loops without a break ok, nothing can stop me