Lf constructive criticism on my TTT map for gmod. (WIP)

This is something i’ve worked on for many hours, and most of everything i’ve learned in hammer I learned from this map. It’s supposed to have a sort of ‘cityscape’ look to it, hence the use of concrete, brick, gravel, stone textures, etc. What im looking for are some outside opinions on the map because despite all the time and effort i’ve put into it (more than it looks like), I just can’t help but feel like this map is almost damaged beyond repair. My biggest gripe that I can’t get over is how fake it looks. I haven’t exactly asked anyone else this question specifically, but to me the map looks less like a city and more like a…facade. Like whoever made it doesn’t know what real buildings look like. I started on it when I was 14 and knew very little about the hammer editor. I forgot about it for a couple years, found it 2 weeks ago and started working hard on it trying to finish. Now, I think it looks decent enough to show the rest of the world. so what are your opinions? Not on the buildings specifically, just anything. Any suggestions? feedback? things you think I should fix? And if there’s anything you like or if you have any comments on it at all, I’d be interested to hear that too. Thanks.

One noticably odd building:**

I plan on fixing that. btw, if any of you are interested in what it looks like up close and personal, here’s the workshop URL, which I plan on updating, the map is called ttt_industrialzone:


Oh, and if anyone knows a permanent fix for THIS, it would help me a lot. So far all I know how to do is type mat_specular 0 into the console.

What do you think? is it a little too retarded to get past? or is it not too late to fix it…

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Sorry about the image size, they’re my window size in-game.


everybodys first map sucks

anyway its the lighting that makes it look wrong mostly
white lights are artificial, make it more yellowish
as for the buildings use photo references
make sure the scale is right, etc
try to not make things blocky, add trim, depth, details,etc
make sure stairs are 8x12 units like in the dev textures (type dev in filter for a guide)

if you like mapping, dont give up

ive seen much worse first attempts

Your use of lighting is a bit…sporadic, to say the least. Don’t clump your light entities in a small cluster with it’s highest bright level. Also, use a light fixture prop (not the combine floor lights) to make the light looks like it’s coming from somewhere instead of just having a part of the wall/ceiling glow like that. You also seem to be missing your skybox?

seems like the lighting is the biggest problem here. I guess ill have to work on that. Thanks for telling me.

No it isn’t. Its your brushwork. You should practice recreating reference photos to get a good feel for it.

it looks a bit too boxy. not saying that cities should be round, but bany buildings have corners with 45 degree cuts and so on

and some textures dont make sense, like bricks on roof like you have in one of your screenshots doesn’t work

over all though, welcome to hammer editor

I think some of the walls with consistent textures should be broken up with a decal here and there. Try using some of the propaganda posters or graffiti decals to spruce it up a little.

Other than that and the lighting mentioned above, this map looks good! =)

The specular issue is solved by creating a env_cubemap and then building them using .

3kliksphilip has a more detailed and easier to follow video.

Until your brushwork advances you shouldn’t have to worry about assigning brush faces with specific cubemaps, which is what he describes in the advanced tutorial.

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You shouldn’t worry about getting your next map to the quality of gm_construct as you should try focusing on improving as you go.

You have the basics of hammer down, you understand the use of brushes, models, and other entities.

Start working on realism, research images of the buildings you are trying to make, look for inspiration in other people’s maps.

Mappers are the most creative in the beginning of their mapping careers, then as they grow more knowledgeable in mapping; they sometimes lose their creative focus as they realize the boundaries.