LF High Quality Modeller!

Going to make this quick and straight to the point.
Developing a game-mode.
Require high-quality models.
Need bodygroups and different variations to suit different needs.
PM me if you can do this.
Details will be told via PM to the user who WILL be able to complete this project for me.
Payment is provided, if, models are to high-quality standard and rigged.
Star Wars based. (If you are good with Star Wars modelling, this project is for you)

Many thanks,

YQour going to give more information than that buddy if you want people to be interested.

That’s what i will be doing, should someone be interested.
I don’t like giving to much info on a public area, people tend to steal ideas and copy.
That’s why i prefer to give details via PM.

Hey, I have this really sweet product you need, you should PM me to get the details and pricing.

Hey, I’m also hiring. PM for discussing the pricing.