LF movie actors for a apocalyptic movie.

need actors for g mod movie will be much fun or im looking to fill in a spot for a movie cant wait hope this goes thro

ill need legit and deticated people to do this

contact me or add me on steam my steam names is tzapioa under hte name zues.one shot

hope people will join me

How would filming work though? People on this forum are scattered throughout the world.

What’s an LF movie?

“Looking For”

im going to need help with the filming beacuse many people go different directions

I’ve never acted in a machinima. But if you’re desperate I’d help you out.

sounds good just add tzapioa on your steam and try to find freinds that wanna help we need about 5-7 actors

and also need players with creative minds that can help with set design

I wanna be the ideas guy

sounds good :slight_smile: add my steam tzapioa