LF NA/US Hardcore Server (Non-Craft C4/M4 etc.)

I am looking for a more slow / hardcore Rust experience. After playing since its steam release I was beginning to get a bit bored of just the normal servers so I started looking for others to play on. I found a really nice one that had a much slower “progression” and a more hardcore feel to the game. Im not sure of the mods the server had, but basically the only craftable weapons were Pipe shotgun / Bow / Hand cannon. All of the military level weapons ONLY dropped from Airdrops (which was set to 30+ people), also C4, Grenades and Kevlar armor ONLY dropped from planes. Out of all that, the only thing that was researchable was the Kevlar armor. Something else they had on the server was different / lower drop rates from zombies, to give it more a hardcore feel (As opposed to for example, going to farm zombies with 20 shotgun shells, and leaving with 150+). Also the only way to get metal base pieces was from farming zombies, which they had a low low drop rate of, which gave a lot of incentive to continue farming them if you want to make a full metal base. Also the admins didn’t interfere at all with the gameplay of the players, they didnt spawn their own items or give free stuff to friends etc.

Anyway, after all these problems with the servers recently they lost their server / mods, and doesn’t look like they will be getting it back up anytime soon. So now I am looking for a server that is similar to the one I was playing on. Anyone know of any? Would appreciate it, thanks!


-North America Server Location
-Military Weapons, including C4/Nade = AIR DROP ONLY + Non Researchable
-25+ Population Airdrop Req
-Full PvP
-Slower progression / tweaked drop rates
-Recent wipe (1-3 days)
-ZERO Admin Abuse - No spawning items for themselves / friends or anything to interfere with the players gameplay

if you find one let me know :smiley:

Hey BarkingSpider I believe I have what you are looking for. The server was just released a day ago. The server is still growing and I would love it if you could help build the playerbase. Here is a thread with more information. http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?...1#post43483681

Mirage that link doesn’t work. Also looking for a server like this.

This sounds awesome, yes pls.

This is the link he tried to share:

Yeah this is actually a pretty good server, just what I was looking for!

Turns out that server started getting DDoSed and no idea when it will be fixed / back up, been about 4 hours or so now. =*(. Any other suggestions lol?

Thanks in advance!