LF people to play with

So I’ve played for 250 hours+ on this account and around 500 hours on my former boyfriends account (before I got my own account, lolz).
I’ve been playing with a lot of friends, but they’ve quit due to getting raided back and have to rebuild.
So now I want a team that is stable…

I’m 21 - woman - I’m from Denmark and I’m quite handy with a P250 and a shotgun :slight_smile:

Hey there. I own a new server, along with a few friends, and am currently trying to populate it. We have a few other small groups that have taken up residence so far but would love to really get this server going. I’m not sure what kind of group you’re looking for but I want to invite you to come play with us. You can find the server at net.connect and my ingame name is ZedFightsGanon.

My my. Not very often that you find a fellow dane :slight_smile:

I run a pretty fair server, admins are all in our 30’s, some with kids. It’s pretty much in stock form aside from some minor tweaks. You can find the info here: