LF> Rust key.

I came by ArtemisKnives stream while he was playing Rust. It seem’d like a game I’d love to play with friends. If possible, I’d like to request two keys for me and my friend so we can check this game out and play. I’d also like to mention that i’d be willingly to bring bug updates and also glitches if I find any to help out. Also I like to mention I have a clan and I can give this game a shout out for more members and also more interested people. I will also be making video’s of this game if my computer can play it while recording, so expect youtube video’s and members joining and getting interested. I hope this request can be accepted.

Thanks for taking the time to read this short message. Have a good day!

(User was banned for this post ("READ before posting" - Gran PC))

Ban incomming, have fun.

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Also please don’t spread this game out of facepunch anymore, we already have enough morons incomming.

You can better ask to let this get closed. And if you want to apply something somewhere else be sure you read the sticky topics first…

enjoy the ban pal

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Who are you?

Why do you deserve a key more than some other people who are waiting(Not me i have had a key since day 1) We don’t want more users and we don’t want the word spreading as much as it is.

People are streaming this game, and when streamers with ~400ish viewers start streaming it, those 400 will show it to their friends, and those will show it to their friends, etc etc… Not to mention the attention its getting from video’s on youtube…

You think you can request keys and get them just because you asked???

Get out, being apart of Alpha is not getting publicity for the game but bug testing, you’ve proved your true intentions so ban hammer will most likely come your way for not reading the stickies.
I earned my key so I don’t play I bug test.

Listen to this guy!

  • He knows what he’s talking about.


Someone should close this thread, just sayin’.