LFG to play rust with

Currently Bored of my server i am on and the lack of people. My friends have stopped playing to do other games but I am still hooked on rust. If a clan (3+ People) is looking for another person to team up with i would love to play with them and contribute to their goals.

Things about me:
100+ Rust Hours
Favorite Weapons are MP5’s and Bow and arrow
Excellent farmer
Previous server i have aquired solo all the materials to construct a metal home
Aquired solo all the kevlar pieces
I love raiding people and watching the tears flow on chat
I am an active daily player
Shrek is love Shrek is life


Join us here http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1350221&p=43577368#post43577368

We are all friends who play and are always on teamspeak. We have developed quite the community and none of us intend to stop playing anytime soon.

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Oh and you are welcome to reply to the forum post to bump it to the top again:)

We’re looking for some more soldiers!! We have our own server, I play like any other person (Because abusing admin abilities makes the game boring FAST), and currently we have around 20-30 active players. A few groups already on the server, lots of fun PvP!

Let me know what you think! You can get ahold of me at spyoptic2003@hotmail.com :slight_smile:

My friends have stopped playing Rust recently also, and I have been looking for someone else to play with.
I’d be happy to play some rust with you. If you’re interested just message me on steam. Steam: Colonel_Saz