L'Habilleur de Sharp.

Used using GMOD 13, telling a story of a very very special kind of spy.

Even the Sandvich Heavy and the Bonk Scout get involved in the fun!

But Unfortunately the only thing that can stop L’Habilleur de Sharp, is…

L’Habilleur de Sharp!

Just a little thing i decided to share, it was a short series but am thinking of doing some more.
Constructive Feedback would be good. Im using GMOD 13 Beta, so please keep that in mind!
Thank You for taking a look, i appreciate it!

L’habilleur de sharp? “The dresser who lives in sharp” ? >_>

Anyway, boost up your AA. This is painful to look at.

The what? I speak both French and English but I really don’t get what it’s supposed to mean.

I think it’s meant to be “The Sharp-Dressed Man” or something to that effect

He looks drunk as shit.